Verba volant,
scripta manent

latin proverb

What is spoken will pass,
What is written remains

Fine Art Stationery
from Graz / Austria

It’s wonderful that people are learning to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of calligraphy — a lost art for many years now. We’ve seen a resurgence of demand, as more and more people recognize the value of thoughtful, beautiful hand lettering. For some, it may be a tedious task, but for me, it’s a soothing, therapeutic experience. Every stroke requires full concentration and produces more than just a letter, every shape is its own unique character.

Utilizing great attention to detail and only the highest quality materials of pens, ink, artisanal paper, silk ribbons, and wax seals, a true piece of art is born.

Anita Bontemp beim Ausüben ihrer Passion

Whether you’re looking for individual wedding stationery, a gifted christening letter, or personalized event calligraphy for individuals and companies alike – I would be more than happy to help you with your idea.

Font styles and finishes

“The magic is always in the details”

Theodor Fontane

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A Mano Kalligraphie – Anita Bontempo

Mariatroster Straße 342a, 8044 Graz, Austria

         Tel. +43 676 503 13 41         

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