Gift ideas and inspiration

Calligraphic elements and lettering can beautify any area of your life, whether business or personal.

Are you currently realizing your dream of owning your own restaurant? I would be happy to design your menu and take care of the opening design.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the birth of your godchild? How about a very personal letter that will still bring joy years later?!

Creative and elegant envelopes, labeled by hand and finished with a wax seal, stand out from the crowd. Calligraphy can leave a very special impression here.

No matter what you plan to do and no matter how big your dreams are: I will accompany you on your journey with calligraphy , pen and ink, whether from my studio in Graz or directly at your location.

Elegantly addressed envelopes

A Mano Kalligraphie – Anita Bontempo

Mariatroster Straße 342a, 8044 Graz, Austria

         Tel. +43 676 503 13 41         

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